Beduin Weaving - Rug Weaving

Beduin Weaving - Rug Weaving

The Bedouins are a nomadic people who, historically, have lived across the Middle East and North Africa, inhabiting arid areas and moving their base with turning of the seasons. Traditionally it's a woman's work, the Bedouin weaving was developed in their unique culture, creating household items suited for the life in the desert.

Sheep wool from one's own herd is spun into thread, colored with natural dye and woven into a fabric using a ground loom. The particularly tight and strong fabric is used for tents, rugs, pillows, and other domestic items.

One way of weaving rugs is through using the ground-loom instead of the vertical loom.

Today, the life of the Bedouins has been radically transformed and their traditions threatened with extinction as they are forced to abandon the nomadic life and settle in designated encampments.