Traditional crafts

Traditional crafts

Greater Syria (Bilad ElSham) is an extremely ancient land with a rich cultural heritage. Some of the oldest known civilizations grew up there. One of the world's first alphabets was developed in Greater Syria, and regional artists and scholars greatly influenced the cultures of ancient Greece and Rome.

Greater Syria lies along major trade routes linking Africa, Asia, and Europe. Camel caravans followed these routes more than 4,000 years ago carrying goods between Asia and Mediterranean ports. Such Syrian cities as Damascus and Aleppo grew up along the caravan routes and became centers of world trade as early as 2000 B.C.

Bilad ElSham (Greater Syria) region is proud of the traditional crafts its artisans are great in making. Some of its crafts go back to 2000 years, while others are a few hundred years old. Old and not so old crafts are being modernized and revived in the modern age in an effort to keep it alive among our young population.

Part of the region's culture and identity revolve around its' handicrafts. These crafts are still made in the same way they were used to be made thousands of years ago. The skills of Embroidery, Ceramics, Pottery, Jewelry are all carried down from generation to generation. These age old traditions simply exemplify the region's Culture.

ِAl-Hakaya will try to to tell a story of a people who have history, art, music, exquisite architecture, heritage, and culture.
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