About us

Our Idea

The Al-Hakaya Project idea has been flying around for several years now in the head of Ms. Samar Hammad who has been and still is in love with all kinds of crafts from Bilad AlSham region. It all started with a visit to Egypt and an introduction to Alexandria documentation of Folklore project, where she thought of collecting, documenting, and publishing this region's heritage for the reason of preservation of old and new traditions and identities of her beloved origin.

This idea could only be materialized when she has retired from her long journey of jobs and work commitments, and dedicated her effort to start a project with the help of volunteers that would achieve her dream.

Heritage and crafts documentation represnting the region can be found all over the internet, with many parties working hard to present what they have done, and the Al-Hakaya project is to centralize all this effort in one place as much as possible and to add a touch of recognition to the people behind it's preservation and continuation.  

Our Strategy

As the project name means in Arabic, we decided to document in a story telling style, and with personal touch from the people who care for heritage, be it crafts or others as we expand. The stories behind heritage as we believe is the why, how, and when things became as they were.
Our main strategy in this project is to collect stories - factual - and integrate them in the documents we publish.
Our second main strategies not to forget to honor the persons at present who left an imprint on the heritage we still have, and participated in preserving it.

Our Entity

We are a group of entrepreneurs from Jordan working on their own to document our region's heritage. We hope we can document and publish all the existing and historical heritage to the best of our knowledge.

We aim tp institutionalize this project, leaving the documentation for the future generation to keep track of its history and roots.

We welcome any help and support in our long term work that would help add bricks to our building of this library of information.

Our team

The team of work consists of a project manager, a logistics manager, and volunteers coordinated by the project owners. Each has a seperate job to finish, and we hope we can reach our goals to the best of our knowledge.

We welcome volunteers to help in reaching our goals. Volunteers can be specialized in IT, photography, text translation, text editing, project management, marketing, and e-marketing. They all have a place here.


The information included in this website is collected from direct meetings with the source, from the published data on the internet, and from books, thought to be legal and trust worthy.

Uses of information sources will be gradually docmented, authorized and approved by owners.

We urge visitors to contact us for comments, correction of errors and legalization of usages, and we would be more than happy to cooperate.


Contact Information

Feel free to contact us through any of the following means:


Contact in charge:  Samar Hammad


1-   Email:   samarh32@gmail.com


2-   Phone:  ++962795554141


3-   Mail: C/o Samar Hammad

                       PoBox 851685   Amman 11185 Jordan